STOP! (englisch)

Even to a good person, bad things can happen. There's always someone who will try to destroy you, to lie to you, to take advantage of you. People who constantly help others are the ones who struggle most with such negative influences. Honest people themselves are selfless, they just help where they can, they think about others. And suddenly from nowhere, a "trusted friend" hurts and displeases you. Someone you loved like no one else you has ever loved before. The whole logical way of thinking disappears. The world is falling apart, incomprehension, no anger, but sadness. Why did this happen? What is going on? No answers, to your questions. Fighting with one's own feelings is not easy and fast you can sink into a sadness.

People who destroy you do not love you, they have no interest in your person, they want to hurt you, to put you down. They are selfish and liars, without any conscience. Shall we be destroyed? NO! So, say STOP! Keep your head up and keep on going. Do not stay in this environment of negative energies. It is hard, but time will make the job. This is one bad experience more and it will probably not be the last. This experience will not help those who are sincere, because these people will continue to help, to understand, to be selfless and honest, because they believe in humanity. I am convinced that every good and bad action pays off someday. Live the life you want, but don't judge others and above all don't hurt them! Nobody deserves that.

Isabel Gasperi, HR-Tipp Human resources, Beratung & Administration, 2017